Ashley Prete for Positive Impressions Video Testimonials

December 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashley Prete

Could you describe a time that Positive Impressions helped you?

Ashley Prete: Positive impressions helped us so much with our last minute order that we needed. Um, they exceeded expectations, uh, with a moment's notice, we're able to rush ship us something. And without them, our event wouldn't have been a great success as it was. So I'm very appreciative and thankful for all that they do to help.

How would you describe Positive Impressions in three words?

Ashley Prete: If I had to describe a positive impressions, in three words, I would say, convenient, high quality and really friendly to work with. Um, that's been my experience with every order that we've ever placed through them. Um, I have nothing but great things to say about the entire process. Um, they make my job easier. So I'm very appreciative of that.

Why is Positive Impressions different from other companies or services in the space?

Ashley Prete: Positive impressions is different than other companies or services in this space because of their customer service and their human touch. You really know that you're speaking with someone that cares about the quality of work that they're doing when you place an order through them. Um, you know, that the level of care that you would have doing this project is mirrored by them and how they work together with you. Uh, you don't have to worry about the quality of what you're doing, not being up to your standards because they take care of all of that in a really great way. Um So that's my favorite thing about working with them is the personal touch that they bring to the table.

What are some pain points you've dealt with in ordering tangible marketing goods and how has Positive helped alleviate those pain points?

Ashley Prete: Some of the biggest pain points that I've dealt with in ordering marketing, goods are definitely the quality of the products that I'm getting. Sometimes I order items that are falling apart the second time I use them, um, they're fading and they're just not meant to last. Positive impressions have helped me alleviate those pain points and that the quality of the goods that I'm receiving are up to my standards and I am very happy with the products that I have. Um, and that they're built to last and able to make it past their shelf life if that makes sense. Does that make sense? Ah.

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