Positive Impressions Video Testimonials

December 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Could you describe a time that Positive Impressions helped you?

Hello, my name is Tari and I work with Aspire Edu and I just want to talk about positive impressions and how wonderful they were to work with. Um My company recently was at a conference and we needed to have some um some items to provide to participants and we work with positive impressions. They were able to give us multiple options of things that we could do within our time frame and within our budget, they were able to give us different mockups and so we can see what it would look like before we pur purchase, which was really helpful so we could share with the entire team and get everybody's buy in and, and different feedback on different products. Um So it was super easy to work with. And once we placed our order, we had the products within a month and it was so amazing and we still had so much extra time before our actual conference. I've actually, I've actually worked with positive impressions before with another company. Um and they have always gone above and beyond to make sure to get us everything that we need in a timely manner and they're really easy to work with and are super fun with, to share ideas with back and forth so that you can make sure that you can get everything that you really want, um, out of their, their products. And so you should totally use positive impressions if you all are getting swagged for your company, your school, um, any kind of events or just, just to have for your employees, they are wonderful to work with.

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