Katie Mcintosh Testimonial with the posEYEdon Lenses

December 11, 2023

Real people, real results. Let your eyes decide, try the posEYEdon lenses and change the way you see.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katie Mcintosh

How did you first hear about the posEYEdon lens?

Katie Mcintosh: I was recommended posEYEdon lenses from my optometrist. And I'm very grateful for that because ever since my eyes have gotten better, my eyes sight and my eye health and I would definitely recommend them to someone else.

What type of correction had you tried before posEYEdon lens?

Katie Mcintosh: Before using the posEYEdon lens, I used a soft contact and it just wasn't, for me, it didn't help my eye, it didn't help my eye sight. It would get foggy. And with my posEYEdon lens, I don't have any of those problems.

How is your vision with the posEYEdon lens compared to your previous correction?

Katie Mcintosh: My vision with the Poseidon lens is way better compared to another lens that I tried, which was a soft lens with my Poseidon lenses, they don't get foggy, they stay hydrated. I see better. They, my eyes feel better and I would just definitely pick these over a soft lens or any other kind of lens.

How does the comfort and wear time of posEYEdon lens compare to your previous correction?

Katie Mcintosh: With the posEYEdon lens, my eyes are definitely more comfortable. They don't itch, they don't get irritated, they don't turn red or any of that. Whereas with the soft lens, they definitely did. So I'm definitely more comfortable with my posEYEdon lens.

How did the posEYEdon lens affect your quality of life on a daily basis?

Katie Mcintosh: Using the posEYEdon lines has made my life a lot easier. I'm able to see things more clearly. My eyes don't get foggy. I don't have to squint my eyes anymore. Therefore, I feel better about myself not having to squint my eyes or wear glasses has made me feel better because I use posEYEdon lenses.

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