Joseph Rhue for posEYEdon

December 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joseph Rhue

How did you first hear about the posEYEdon lens?

Joseph Rhue: So I first heard about posEYEdon contact lenses from my eye doctor after years of having to wear both soft contact lenses and glasses to correct my vision. Um my provider talked about scleral lenses for a long time and posEYEdon was the brand that she recommended the most.

How does the comfort and vision of posEYEdon lens compare to your previous correction?

Joseph Rhue: Compared to my previous eyewear experiences where I had to wear both either super thick eyeglasses or soft contact lenses and eyeglasses. Um, posEYEdon lenses are way more comfortable. I don't have to worry about them drying out throughout the day. Um, I barely feel them in my eye even less than soft contact lenses. Um And yeah, overall, I mean, I get more correction from posEYEdon contact lenses than I ever got in my previous eyewear treatments.

How is your vision with the posEYEdon lens compared to your previous correction?

Joseph Rhue: I would say that my vision with posEYEdon lenses is actually improved, um, for the first time and I wanna say my entire life, my prescription is actually stabilized. Um, and I don't feel strained, I don't feel the need to squint. Um I don't feel the need to constantly readjust frames to try and get the best vision possible. Um I know that I can trust my posEYEdons to help me see anything that I need to.

How did the posEYEdon lens affect your quality of life on a daily basis?

Joseph Rhue: I feel like my quality of life has definitely improved since becoming a posEYEdon contact lens wearer. Um, first off a big insecurity with me, um, was any time I was going to like a fast food restaurant or anywhere where I'd have to order food from an overhead menu. I could never read those, um, in my old prescription on my old lenses. Um, I'd always have to ask for assistance. I'd always have to ask for a menu to hold in hand. But now with those items, I can confidently see those boards, um, I also don't have to worry about like my classes getting broken throughout the day or my contact lens shifting, um, or drying out or becoming uncomfortable. Um, I don't have to think about my eyes as much as I used to whenever I was on my old prescription. So I would say that posEYEdon has unlocked a quality of life that, um, it's way better than it used to be.

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