Gary Allen Client Testimonial for Porter Consulting

October 24, 2023

Gary Allen speaks about how Porter Consulting helped him meet his organizations goals with strategic support.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gary Allen, Marketing Leader (retired), HP/HPE

Gary Allen on working with Porter Consulting

Gary Allen: Hi, my name is Gary Allen. I worked at Hewlett Packard and I ran a marketing group that was focused on mission critical computing, focused primarily on demand generation and sales enablement. We worked quite a bit with Brad and the Porter Consulting team in a number of different areas where they supported our efforts, particularly with providing contract resources to fill in for roles where we had vacancies. They consistently brought people that had the right skill set and experience and marketing understanding that helped us make progress very quickly. They also helped in developing demand generation and enabling programs that helped us get traction for our direct sales folks and also in the channel.

What pain points did Porter help address?

Gary Allen: He had folks on his team with very deep channel experience, knowledge and connections, knowing the right people at key distributors that enabled us to, end up being and starting way ahead of where we might have been if we were developing from scratch. So from a resource perspective, Porter was a huge help. Other areas were around budgeting and program development, they aligned very quickly with the systems and the way we had to work at HP so that we could move very efficiently and very quickly.

How were resources assigned to your account?

Gary Allen: We had a number of folks that we contracted through Brad that stayed with us for years, sometimes more than a year, sometimes two or three years. And the reason they stayed is because they were effective, they blended into the team, they worked more as an extended resource of the team than a contract worker. And they brought knowledge and experience. There was just a lot of value that you would get from working through, Porter

Did Porter meet your budget goals?

Gary Allen: We were very lean and revenue focused and they mapped their activity, what we asked them to do, to the same goals that we set out.

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