Rebecca Warner on Consultative support from Porter

May 24, 2023

Rebecca discusses development of customer reference matrix plus the consultative support she received.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rebecca Warner, Sr Manager, Customer Marketing, LivePerson

How has the Porter Consulting team helped you?

Rebecca Warner: We have such amazing customers at LivePerson. I'm the customer marketing lead here but I'm a just a team of one. So being able to work with Porter to help me pull together the content from customers, customer reference material, customer advocacy assets, internal use cases, all of that into something that was usable and in one place, and tagged, sortable, and searchable has been an amazing asset for me, and for my team here at LivePerson. So I love working with them and that's definitely the pain point they've helped me solve. But there's also an amazing consultative piece of this. What you get with Porter that I really enjoyed, like, just brainstorming together. Like here's my situation. What have you seen with other clients? How have you solved this problem with them? That's been wonderful. And I really recommend them for that consultative look at things.

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