Rebecca Warner Porter Consulting Client Testimonial

May 24, 2023

Rebecca Warner speaks about her experiences working with the Porter Consulting team.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rebecca Warner, Sr Manager, Customer Marketing, LivePerson

Rebecca Warner: Hi, my name is Rebecca Warner and I lead customer marketing at LivePerson. We are a leading provider of conversational AI for some of the world's largest brands, and I am excited to share my great experience with Porter Consulting. They did such an amazing job for me. I'm a team of one and I needed to expand the limited resources I have ,and to bring all that together. They built me an amazing customer content matrix that I enjoy using, and am thrilled to have enabled for my team.

Rebecca Warner: But there's also an amazing consultative piece to this. And what you get with Porter that I really enjoyed. Like, just brainstorming together. Here's my situation. What have you seen with other clients? How have you solved this problem with them? That's been wonderful. And I really recommend them for that consultative look at things.

Rebecca Warner: From Kim to Brittany to Alexie. Everyone's been terrific that I've worked with at Porter. Just so much knowledge, so much experience, and efficiency. I just, you know, when you have a limited budget and you want to get as much out of the resources that you've been given in the period of time you have to work with them. Porter is absolutely wonderful. Brilliant at helping you do that. And I think Kim really set me up well with some amazing, amazing resources.

Would you recommend Porter to others?

Rebecca Warner: I absolutely would recommend Porter to other folks in my position. A great resource.

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