Quick Videos - An innovative way to engage your customers

July 17, 2020

Porter Consulting's Quick Video service is professional, fast, and flexible -- guaranteeing you great customer advocate content for your Marketing program.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kirsten Mortensen, Marketing Consultant. Kirsten Mortensen, Marketing Consultant. Kirsten Mortensen, Marketing Consultant

An innovative way to share customer stories

Kirsten Mortensen: Hi, my name is Kirsten Mortensen, and I have over 20 years experience in customer reference program management, and asset development. And I'm here today to share some thoughts about an exciting innovation that's going to change the way your customer advocates share their stories.

What is the Quick Video service?

Kirsten Mortensen: Porter Consulting's Quick Videos are easy to develop. They're inexpensive, yet professional. They're fast. You can have your video in just a few days. And they're flexible. You can leverage your Quick Videos in a number of different ways.

What are these Quick Videos like?

Kirsten Mortensen: With Quick Videos, just like traditional video, every spokesperson identifies themselves, their title, and the company they represent. We can have a single guest or multiple, and we can put together a short clip or a video montage with multiple participants.

Kirsten Mortensen: Once your Quick Video is recorded, we generate the video files in MP4 format. If you'd like to receive the raw footage, (unedited clips) of each response, we can do that, or we can send you a final video with all the responses included. We can also upload the video to YouTube so that you can share it on your company's video channel.

How can I use Quick Videos?

Kirsten Mortensen: You can use your Quick Videos in so many different ways. You can embed them in blogs on your website; share on social media; add to press releases; share on email or embed them in a digital marketing kit. You can also use them for FAQ's for product launches.

Why should I engage with Porter Consulting?

Kirsten Mortensen: Porter Consulting has extensive experience in all aspects of customer reference program management and asset development. We are smart, responsive, and we are so excited to be able offer this new, Quick Video service!

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