Quick Videos for your Influitive hub

July 16, 2020

Are you using Influtive to engage with your customer advocates? If so, we have a game changing tool for you!

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kirsten Mortensen, Marketing Consultant. Kirsten Mortensen, Marketing Consultant

Want a new way to engage your Influitive advocates?

Kirsten Mortensen: Hi, I'm Kirsten Mortensen and I have over 20 years experience in customer reference program management and asset development. And I'm here to share some thoughts about a new innovation that's going to change the way your customers share their stories. Does your company use the Influitive platform to engage advocates for your brand? If so, I have some news you're going to love. It's a technology that makes it easier than ever before for your customers to share authentic stories. And it is going to push your customer reference program to the next level.

How does it work?

Kirsten Mortensen: When you engage with us to do a Quick Video, we start by working with you to define the messaging that you want your video to communicate. We create a list of questions to guide your customer's remarks. And then we build a link that you can distribute to prospective participants within an Influitive challenge. The link includes instructions to walk your customers through the process, and make sure they're having fun while they do their videos. You can send the link to as many participants as you want. And you could have different questions for different participants, if you want. Once the challenge is complete, we generate a report so you know exactly who participated.

What does my customer need to participate?

Kirsten Mortensen: With Quick Video, your customers don't need to install an app. They don't need special equipment, or a filming location. They can record their videos using any connected digital recording device: a phone, a tablet, a laptop. The tool also lets customers view their videos and redo them if they aren't happy with the take.

How would I use Quick Video for my program?

Kirsten Mortensen: Really, the only limitation is your imagination. You could do an Influitive challenge that asks for product reviews, and pull a montage together to support a launch. Or you could embed customer endorsement videos in case studies or brochures. Or you could ask beta users to do videos that cover technical questions.

Why do I need Quick Videos?

Kirsten Mortensen: Quick Video is a game changer. You now have a way to leverage your Influitive platform to generate video assets. You can drive more value from your pool of engaged customers. With Quick Video, you have an easy, effective way to generate authentic video testimonials from your cream of the crop customer advocates.

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