Al Morgan for Porter Consulting's Quick Video Service

July 02, 2020

Porter Consulting's Quick Video service helps you secure customer testimonial videos for all your Marketing needs.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Al Morgan , Consultant, Porter Consulting

Why Marketers need to reconsider video production

Al Morgan : For anyone whose customers rely on advice from others as part of their decision making process, influencer videos can be a tremendous asset. And that's really the case in B2B decision making, where there may be multiple decision makers and you're trying to influence people at multiple points along the decision process. This is where influencer videos can really make a difference. For instance, this video I was asked by Porter Consulting to provide my insights because of my history in IT marketing and my familiarity with the issues in getting these kinds of references done in that setting. So I'm really happy with the idea of influencer videos and the simplified approach that we have with this technique.

But showcase videos are HARD!

Al Morgan : If you're watching this video, you've probably already done testimonial videos the standard way. A couple weeks of planning, a couple of plane tickets to get somewhere, a day of filming, a couple weeks to finish it up and get it out there. And then it may not be exactly what you want. So this is a real simplified approach that gets you the message you want for the customer you want, quickly and easily.

How does Porter simplify production?

Al Morgan : Here's why. It's so simple, and it's great. First people record on their own devices. You don't need to send a crew out. That's number one. The second is it's in their own words, so they're going to get it right in a way that makes sense to your customers. Third, you guide it with the questions that you develop, and we help you with those so that they make sense and you get a nice sequence of ideas that helps the customer come to the conclusion that you want them to. And lastly, it's fast because it's not depending on post production. It's a very simple assembly process, and we get it done quickly, typically within two weeks.

Why Porter?

Al Morgan : Like everything, there is a process. And that's where Porter comes in. First, we help you work the story so that you know what you're looking for. Second, we look at the presenters. Are they the right people to present in a way that's credible for your customers? Third, we help you with the questions so that the questions naturally bring out the answers that you're looking for. Fourth, we coach your presenters to make it easy for them to feel comfortable in front of camera. You know, not everybody is comfortable with that, but because it's a very low key environment, it's in their own home, it's like being on a chat with somebody. It makes it much easier for them and a lot simpler for you to get the information that you want. As we put it together, we make sure there's subtitles and one of the important things about subtitles is, it's important for ADA compliance. So if your website needs to be ADA compliant then it's this piece is done for you as part of the service. Again, this is a pretty simple process. We can make it easy for you to get the reference videos that you need quickly and at a reasonable cost. And we're here to help.

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