MDS Coordinator Challenges

September 06, 2023

Video Transcript

The MDS coordinators in the long term care arena face some really big challenges. First, there's been so much staff attrition that a lot of your MDS coordinators are new and inexperienced. They do not have senior MDS staff members to lean on and learn from. So they're learning from all kinds of unconventional sources. Second, and this is challenging, I understand, a lot of facility leaders are pulling their MDS coordinators to the floor to cover other staffing issues. That can be pushing a cart, that could be filling in as a manager on duty, that can consist of, you know, all hands on deck and assisting in the dining room. The problem is if they're working the med cart, they aren't focused on your MDS assessments. Third, and really important to note, you have a month, just a little over a month to prepare for the major changes coming to the MDS in October.

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