Josip Mlinaric for B2B Services Reviews

August 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josip Mlinaric

Tell us a little bit about your business and the challenges you were trying to overcome by working with Point Visible.

Josip Mlinaric: We are an accounting software startup called out accounting. We use AI and robotic process automation to help automate different parts of the accounting process. So a couple of years ago we started up a website, wanted to bring some organic traffic to it. But at the time we were really small to be doing any marketing ourselves. So we found out about point visible and have been working with them ever since.

Could you describe what type of work did we do for you, and what stood out during the process?

Josip Mlinaric: So what point visible did is that they analyzed our existing on site content. They even performed an additional keyword research and competitor analysis and they used that to create our content marketing strategy for the next six months. Additionally, they immediately started building links which which has landed us with some high quality links on some on some great websites in our niche and my boss is really happy about it. But what stood out the most is their transparency in their business. I mean there are not some some type of shade shady agency that will hide things from you. Um, I can freely log into their project management tool and get immediately caught up with with all the daily tasks, approve and disapprove of anything and even even share my thoughts and and discuss with them my worries and fears, which is which is a big thumbs up for their service.

What were the most significant impacts of working with Point Visible?

Josip Mlinaric: So it took us some 5 to 6 months, but now we started to see our organic traffic increasing and have seen our domain authority on a on a steady rise month in month out. So we even we even seen people started googling our brand name, which is really, really cool. Um now that we have some organic traffic, we're looking forward to converting those visitors to lead. So we'll be looking to point visible to to help us build a sales final and start start the conversion process.

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