Pocket Prep Review - John M PMI CAPM

August 22, 2023

John M used Pocket Prep to prepare for and pass the PMI CAPM.

Video Transcript

Speaker: John M, Professional Pocket Prep

What exam were you studying for and how long did you use Pocket Prep?

John M: Hi, Pocket Prep team. My name is John. I recently used Pocket Prep to help me study and prepare for the Certified Associate in Project Management certification (CAPM) from the Project Management Institute. I used Pocket Prep as part of my studying and preparation for about two months before I sat the exam and I passed it on the first try.

What was the most helpful thing about the app?

John M: I think the most helpful thing I found with the Pocket Prep app was the ability to go back and review questions that I had gotten wrong as well as to focus in on sections of the exam that I was struggling in the most that I had the the lowest success rate in. It was incredibly helpful to be able to focus on the areas of the tests that I was weak on. And again, like I said, I, I passed the first time and I think a big part of it was using the Pocket Prep app to focus in on my weaknesses.

Did using Pocket Prep help you improve?

John M: Yeah, I would say Pocket Prep helped me to improve. You know, I could see my scores going up as the days went by. It was very convenient. I was able to get a few quizzes in on the train and then out of work every day and I could track my scores over time and, you know, see the improvement that I was making as I worked through it.

How did you feel when you found out that you'd passed?

John M: Finding out I passed was great. I was lucky that they were able to kind of tell me on the spot. which was fantastic. You know, I had felt prepared going into the exam, especially from all the studying that I had done with the app, but there's nothing like that moment when you find out it was worth it. Then, you know, telling family and friends and, um, also sharing with my boss who I had filled in during our one on one meetings that I was pursuing this professional, professional development opportunity. It was great.

Anything else to share?

John M: Yeah, in terms of other things to share, I would say that the Pocket Prep app was by far the best product I found to help me study for the exam. I think the pricing and the monthly subscription were very reasonable, especially for what you got in return. I think that the tool itself is fantastic. It was probably the best piece of my preparation I would say was this app. And also when I passed, reaching out and canceling the subscription was super easy. And the customer service rep congratulated me, which was fantastic. You know, it was, it was a really all around great experience. And I know that the next time I'm pursuing a certification or an exam that Pocket Prep has a study guide for, I'll definitely be re upping again.

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