Pocket Prep Review - Debbie Fitness Pocket Prep

September 15, 2023

Debbie downloaded the Fitness Pocket Prep app back in 2020 and used it to pass her NASM CPT exam.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Debbie C., Fitness Pocket Prep

What exam were you studying for and how long did you use Pocket Prep?

Debbie C.: I studied for my NASM exam after I downloaded the fitness app in 2020.

What was the most helpful thing about the app?

Debbie C.: Having a chance to retake the test if I didn't get them all. Correct.

How did you feel when you found out that you'd passed?

Debbie C.: I was excited and shocked at the same time.

Anything else to share?

Debbie C.: What else helped me? Besides the fitness app is going to Moore Park College, going through the fitness specialist program with a previous teacher. And we had a lot of the NASM courses and doing hands on, which really helped me a lot as well.

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