Pocket Prep Review: Courtney EMT

August 24, 2023

Courtney used Pocket Prep to pass her NREMT exam and continues to use it to stay up to date on subjects.

Video Transcript

Why did you use Pocket Prep?

Hi there. My name is Courtney and I used Pocket Prep to help me get ready for the NREMT exam. I'd been in EMT over 20 years ago and lots has changed, in health care. So I really need, needed this to help me, get back into it. It was such a great tool, I was able to set a timer, to remind me every day to study. And, that was a while back now. I'm actually a training officer where I volunteer as an EMT and I still use Pocket Prep to this day, which just helps me keep things fresh in my mind. I always have something like this that I 3D printed and, this was one of the greatest things that I got and, I highly recommend anybody downloading Pocket Prep and using it because it's, it gives you the opportunity to go back and, and reevaluate and review things that you might need help with later on.

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