Pocket Prep FAQs: Content

July 25, 2023

Where does Pocket Prep get its original content from and who writes it?

Video Transcript

Speakers: Michelle Marlowe, Senior Education Manager. Michelle Marlowe

Where does Pocket Prep's content come from?

Michelle Marlowe: One question we get a lot is who writes our content. We work with industry professionals from all over the country. These are people who've taught, been administrators or even test writers, they base their content directly off the exams blueprint.

Will I see Pocket Prep's content on my actual exam?

Michelle Marlowe: No, you won't see our prep questions on the exam. Our questions are 100% unique. We do follow the exam blueprint's topics and questions style so you won't be surprised during testing. We tailor our writing style to each exam to give you the most confidence on exam day.

How do you pick which exams to offer study prep for?

Michelle Marlowe: We do a lot of industry research to determine which exams to add to our offerings. We ask questions like what's growing in popularity within the industry? What exams would complement our current prep offerings? And do we have any qualified experts to write this content?

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