Pocket Prep FAQs: App Facts

July 25, 2023

Who makes the Pocket Prep apps and how do we decide on features. Learn more about our app creation process.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Curtis Martin, Principal Software Engineer

Who makes the app?

Curtis Martin: Our product team has dedicated mobile engineers that work with our designers in Q A in order to build our Android and iOS apps.


Curtis Martin: We write our apps natively for Android and iOS to make sure that we can take advantage of the best that those platforms offer and make sure that we offer a great experience on any device you own. We also work really closely with our designers to make sure that everything looks great and it looks like it belongs on your respective platform.

How do you decide on features?

Curtis Martin: We're always listening to feedback from our users. That's a great way for us to figure out the sorts of features we need to work on. We also work with learning scientists so that we can not only provide you with great content, but also find ways to help you improve how you study.

Anything else that's special about Pocket Prep's apps?

Curtis Martin: Something that I'm particularly proud of is uh we not only spend the time to make sure that our apps work well on your device, but we also put a lot of time into accessibility and making sure that they work well for whole different types of people uh who are differently abled and have different needs. So I think in the studying space, uh that's super important to make sure that this product is accessible to anybody who needs it.

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