Peter FAQ

September 07, 2023

Pocket Prep Co-Founder & CEO talks about what our Pass Guarantee is and how to access it.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Murphy

What's the Pass Guarantee?

Peter : Here at Pocket Prep, we care a lot about your study experience. A lot of hard work and attention to detail goes into creating a curriculum that's gonna help you pass on exam day. We bundle that inside a beautiful app experience to help you stay focused and we back it with a Pass Guarantee. Now, the Pass Guarantee simply says if you put in the work and you do all the practice questions that we offer and maintain an 80% average showing that you're getting things. And if you still don't pass the exam, we'll go ahead and extend your subscription free of charge an extra three months so that you can try again and be even more prepared for the second attempt. We even have specific study modes such as Weakest Subject or Missed Questions that will help you guide your way through that next attempt.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Peter Murphy: To be eligible for the pass Pass Guarantee you'll want to have at least attempted all the practice questions one time through as well as maintaining an 80% average on your scores. This ensures you're understanding the curriculum and that you're progressing in a way that's going to lead to exam day success. If for some reason, you don't pass the exam, you can reach out to our support team and they'll guide you through the process on what's required to extend your membership additional three months free of charge.

How do I request additional access?

Peter Murphy: To request additional access. You can reach out to our support team which is available either inside the app itself or you can go to our website at pocketprep.com/contact and have your exam results ready for our support team. They'll guide you through what they need to see, to confirm everything is good and to set you up with that extra access.

Other tips for success?

Peter Murphy: If you end up needing to take advantage of our Past Guarantee, try to use that three-month period to really focus in on your weakest areas. The app naturally has two awesome study modes specifically designed to do just that Weakest Subject and Missed Questions. So even though you may have gone through the tests or the uh the practice bank a full time through using those two study modes will really help sharpen those areas that need refinement so that your next attempt is even more successful than the first one.

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