Devon O'Rourke - Product Marketing Summit Austin

February 02, 2022

We catch up with Devon O'Rourke, Founder & Managing Partner at Fluvio ahead of his participation at Product Marketing Summit Austin on February 16.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Devon O'Rourke

Devon O'Rourke: Hi everyone, my name is Devon O'Rourke, I'm the founder and managing partner of Fluvio a product marketing consulting firm based in Brooklyn, New York.

What will you be discussing at Product Marketing Summit Austin?

Devon O'Rourke: In Austin, I'm looking forward to being on stage with Holly Watson and Kavya Nath. We're gonna be answering a bunch of questions and best practices around go to market. I will walk through all the different things I've learned, working with dozens of companies from startups, all the way into the large enterprises of the world.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with?

Devon O'Rourke: I'm looking forward to helping people get a better understanding of how product marketing as a whole, but also how go to market planning strategies and processes differ at all different shapes and sizes of companies.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to watching at Product Marketing Summit Austin?

Devon O'Rourke: I'm really looking forward to Leigh's presentation on how to treat sales teams like your best customers and all the learnings that we can pull from his work at Salesforce.

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