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October 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Could you describe a time that Kristina helped you?

So Christina has helped me since day one. My name is Janet Allison and I'm a president of a company CB I International Group INC and I have worked with a lot of people, but Christina has definitely improved my family's life, my personal life, my business life and every area of my life, making sure that I'm in tune and aligning with what my greater calling is as well as being able to live it on the earthly plane. And so, you know, we all have problems in day to day things that happen to us that we just need someone to kind of take a look at it, maybe a little bit deeper to see what we missed or what we might could do better or how we could handle it just because it seems overwhelming. And I think Christina has the talent to kind of dig to the spiritual world, figure out the person, the personality mesh, the two together and help you be on a path that's best for you. Uh and then allow you to empower yourself while she's trying to guide and help you guide and learn how the best avenue or path is for what's trying to get accomplished. And so I would just say uh anyone that's a prospective client or guest working with uh Christina, either of those terms fit uh that you're in an for an amazing opportunity to, to really learn more about yourself and your family and help heal past lives, current lives and heal all family members. And so even in my family, uh so to speak, there were generational curses that land, 85 acres of land in North Georgia was just caught up in just such family shenanigans. And so a lot of our work uh in the very beginning was trying to heal uh through grave work as well as just uh you know, visiting with people, maybe where things had happened that weren't exactly great and just talking about those things, talking human to human relative to and just really enjoying time well spent uh on opportunities of regaining relationships that may have been put on the back burner for whatever the reason. But when, when deciphering some of the spiritual realm to the earth, human, uh it's, it was determined that it was needed. And so we walked the path and the journey together and Christina was sort of holding my hand in the very beginning an awful lot just because it became an emotional thing, learning different, different things within my family. And so, you know, no family is without a blemish or without problems or without troubles. And so mine included. And so so, um I'm proud of our work. I'm proud of what we've been able to do and, and now it's going on, I think probably four or five years where we really have made great strides even in me, uh being able to step up and where I used to have difficulty doing things, stepping out of the zone I had placed myself in for, for whatever the reasons were. And now learning really and truly who I am after all these years of, of being this person learning that I could be so much more than I ever thought. And so if any person hearing this, if I could just encourage you to take a step and it is a scary step, but it is one you will never forget. And uh if I can help you any way, I just reach out to Christina and say this testimony helped and I will shed more light for you. I'll, I'll talk to you direct. There's no problem in doing that. It may be a little bit of a time frame before I can get to it. But I'm happy and I'm honored to help someone else on their path. So good luck with your path. Good luck with your healing and may God bless you in every way and every day. Thank you.

How would you describe your work with Kristina in three words?

My experience with Christina is out of this world. Uh very grateful for the time um that she's expended upon me and our journey together. Thank you.

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