Janet Allison for Play Conscious LLC Video Testimonials

October 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Janet Allison

Could you describe a time that Kristina helped you?

Janet Allison: So I'd like to talk a little bit about Christina. Um So what a blessing, right? And so when you're looking for guidance about things that really haven't made sense, probably since you were born. And really, by the time you started understanding why I'm I even here or what's really going on with my life or what do I need different to have, have different outcomes than what I'm used to. Um You want to talk to someone that can understand and help you figure out what's needed to make life become better and for you to be at your highest and best and good for the world that you created. And so Christina absolutely touches psychic, she touches healing, she touches um you know, empowerment, she touches uh you know, Christianity, she touches uh I would say even Islam and she knows all facets of the masters, including uh Buddha and Jesus Christ and all the others that I haven't mentioned. So I don't wanna get so deep into that other than to say that she does have knowledge with many religions, many studies that she's done foreign and why to achieve the status that she have, which is close to mastery and I, I call her a goddess because I think she just, you know, has such a link to the spiritual world that she brings in such good energy and, and all the things that make up being a complete, complete person to help you achieve what it is. You feel like you need to work on in this lifetime for your healing or for your betterment or for your highest good. And so she has, she has definitely worked with me in areas of my company that I own and my family, uh generational curses, personal curses, uh personal things from past lives. I mean, we have worked for probably about three or four years now, maybe even up to five. I kind of lost track. We, we worked together for a while and, and because we both have separate things going on. Her, her having many clients and me um having other endeavors in my life. Uh We, we do have monthly sessions and I would recommend uh do as many as you can but make an agenda and uh you and she will decide what's best for your work. And uh I, I would say when you come out of this, even after the first or second session, you're gonna realize that what you're doing and investing in yourself is more than worth the money that you're gonna pay in order to do it. And I wouldn't be surprised if that moment in time would affect the rest of your life, which it has mine. And so I literally had a bank hacking on uh and I went to the bank to take out some money and all the red, the numbers were red digits which mean we 999 negative and really up to I think it was a trillion 99 in the negative. So it was very scary. And so I had to go into the bank to get things corrected. And he said to me, uh he was a vice president of the bank said, uh I know this, you're saying this is the only time that you have done this, you and um I believe you manifest this. And so when a vice president of the bank is talking to you about spiritual realm, manifestation, uh it's kind of an enlightening time and I said I gotta get some help. And so that's a friend of mine that uses Christina as well as their guy are their um spiritual work healer. Um She recommended Christina highly. And so I called Christina. And from that day forward, she's been a part of my life, part of my family and part of pretty much everything that I do, including my business. And so I'm very grateful for her. I'm very humbled that the spiritual realm saw that she was the person that I needed. And I believe uh I have been empowered within and without, and I am just just thankful for all of it. So I hope it works for you. And, uh, this would be about what I would want to say with that.

How would you describe your work with Kristina in three words?

Janet Allison: So thank you for allowing five minutes to say three words because I don't know that I could explain Christina and three words. There's such a mountain of knowledge and wisdom and caring and loving and communication. Um II, I just think uh amazing, awesome uh professional, um courteous uh understanding. Sometimes when things get a little tough, uh just, just a light in this world, a huge light for the spiritual realm, a huge light for the healers. Um I do believe she is an extravagant, probably state of the art light worker. Uh She may even have commando or commander title in that arena. Uh It wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't know or is part of the Federation. And so I would just say uh many, many, many uh times over that this person, Christina will be a healer for you in every area of your life as well as instrumental in providing such a service that you'll want to become part of her and her part of you. It's just an amazing relationship, a partnership and a friendship.

What advice would you give anyone working with Kristina?

Janet Allison: So anyone working with Christina would be in awe of her knowledge of her patience, of her guidance, of her tenacity, of her own self reflection and compassion and understanding to the situation. Even if she personally hasn't experienced in this lifetime, she can relate in some prior lifetime or prior experience that she has had. And so I would say, um she's very humbled. She is very honest. She is very forthright and it's not always easy to be the messenger, but she will be honest and, and when she's honest, she's also there to pick you up in an energy sense of if it's too much, it's delivered in a manner of the best it can be for the circumstance or it's kind of spoon fed in a way so that you don't have to be hit with something and then be overwhelmed of how you're gonna work through it. And so I think Christina has a skill set that's been given to her by Almighty God, by the creator of everything. And the fact that she can literally decipher through you and your energy, even if it has nothing to do with the current question you're asking her how it pertains to maybe abuse as a child, um generational curses past life situations. And so she has the gamut of being able to take tools and work through all of them and come back with answers that make sense and that can be worked on in the 3d so that you can elevate and so that you can awaken to more of what you're supposed to do in this lifetime as your purpose as your being and do it in a healthy and concise way. And I believe if you give as much to your sessions with her, then you will find you will, you will just be empowered by the whole circumstances of being in her presence and having her as a partner in your life. And so again, if I can help you or anyone with questions or you know about my journey and this uh healing process as well as in this growth process uh as well as in, in this empowerment process. I am honored to do so. And I don't think you could find a more humbling and honest person, but also a more caring and kind person. Uh She's very generous. And so I would just say, uh I'm proud that you're pursuing this and I think you probably have hit the right person that can really help you. Thank you.

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