Erika Harrison and Jeff Walker for Plantscape Windsor Video Testimonials

November 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erika Harrison and Jeff Walker

Could you describe a time that Plantscape Windsor helped you?

Erika Harrison and Jeff Walker: A time that landscape really helped us was in the design phase. We really weren't sure how we were going to lay out the landscape because of the irregular shape of our lot. And they came fully prepared with not only plant suggestions but exactly where everything should go and we were able to edit and revise as many times as we needed until we were happy with the plan.

How would you describe Plantscape Windsor in three words?

Erika Harrison and Jeff Walker: If we were to describe landscape, in three words, it would be professional, hard working and reliable.

Why is Plantscape Windsor different from other similar products or services?

Erika Harrison and Jeff Walker: Weird to say what makes plant scape really different. It's that they have a professional design team. They're with you through every step of the process and they stand behind their work.

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