Gretchen Brown, CEO, Stonehill Communities

November 09, 2023

Video Transcript

I'd like to tell you why we decided to partner with Plaid Swan. First off, I'd just like to start with. They're incredible. But, we didn't know anything about them and we asked them to come in for an interview. We were interviewing other marketing firms as well. And Plaid Swan was the only one who came in and truly listened first. They didn't start with a Powerpoint showing us all of their projects that they had worked on and everything that they had done for other people. And I love that because they listened and then told us how or showed us how they could be a partner that complements us in our ideas and what we really wanted to do for Stonehill Communities. We really, really respected that. It ended up being that they told us their why, not their what? And that really resonated with our team.

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