Talitha Williams for Pivoting Works Testimonial

January 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Talitha Williams, Entrepreneur

Describe your reaction to discovering abilities in your Needs Assessment Review?

Talitha Williams: So with the needs assessment, I realized that I didn't actually know all the things that I could do. And here I was thinking that I was just going to do a revamp of my resume and find something that was kind of similar to what I was currently doing, only to find out that I had way more options. And I needed to narrow it down to what I actually wanted to do that was paralyzing in itself, so there was a lot to focus on and then to try to narrow things down, took a little bit of time to digest and process to know what my next steps were gonna be to know how Chanel would help me with the next portion.

If applicable, describe your Resume Remodel experience.

Talitha Williams: the job titles really threw me off when I was looking at the job titles in the resume remodel. I didn't think that that was my resume. Um, It wasn't until further investigation and understanding and talking with Chanel that I realized that different companies can call very different jobs the same thing and the title is just a title. It doesn't actually speak to the work that you'll be doing. So the focus has to be more on what your skill set is and the actual work unless on the title. Because the title in one company, you'll be doing one thing and then in another company is something completely different and unrelated to what you've been doing or may even want to do. So that took a little bit of time to digest and process and understand that the skills are more important than the title.

How would you describe the Pivoting Works System in three words?

Talitha Williams: I would say the program is definitely a humbling experience because you realize that there's a lot that you don't know um about how people select and review employees as far as what they're looking for in resumes and also in understanding what it is that you're actually capable of. I would say that the program is also um confidence boosting. We'll say that's a hyphenated one word um after you realize what you have done, you realize that there's a lot more that you should be requiring as far as the work that you will accept and the pay that you will accept for the experience that you have and it's much much more than what they try to pigeonhole you into. I would also say that it is eye opening because you realize that you have the power and the determination to figure out and understand what you will and won't accept and where you want to be and it's really up to you and a lot less up to the employers. Um if that's the route that you're heading. So humbling, I opening confidence boosting, Those are definitely three words that are used to describe this program.

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