Lemioleen Neth (Jojo) for Pivoting Works Testimonial

January 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lemioleen Neth (Jojo), Self employed

Describe your reaction to discovering abilities in your Needs Assessment Review?

Lemioleen Neth (Jojo): So where do I even begin? I've been putting off making this video because of the holidays and just because I don't know where to start. Like the Alpine program that I've joined has made me realize so many things. And one of them is through the needs assessment. I started the program february of this year and that's when I took the needs assessment. I took the needs assessment and had my one on one with Chanel and it was mind blowing. Mind blowing is an understatement for the amount of information That I've realized from day one the needs assessment made me realize that I've been thinking old world all this time and believing that I need a degree to level up in pay and in the position that I hold with whoever employer employed me excuse. So the needs assessment made me realize that it goes deeper than getting a higher paying job, a good paying job and high ranking job, whatever it may be, it goes deeper than that. For me personally, I realized that it comes with girls emotional spiritual, all of it. It comes with whatever you want in life. The high paying job is just the outer layer of what's what you need to work on deep within. Well, that's my opinion anyways. And that needs assessment made me realize that I bring with myself so many experience so much experience. But yet thinking old world. So needs assessment. We'll give you a big shock, mind blowing. So it's an amazing thing. Even though you get emotional because you didn't you don't know what you don't know right? until somebody that actually has been through, it tells you about it and informs you of what you don't know. Then you get emotional and you get excited and you get scared, you feel all kinds of emotion and it's okay. And then to have the group to share with all your struggles, it's not easy. But once you build that trust with the team, then you know, it's a safe place to share all the silent struggles, these these steps that you take that I've taken took me two trust the team and to share my personal experiences as well as my struggle. So that's my take on the needs assessment.

If applicable, describe your Resume Remodel experience.

Lemioleen Neth (Jojo): So Chanel did remodel my resume, my resume before Chanel remodeled. It was a long list, really long list. But thanks to Chanel, it was broken down to just two pages like with, I would say 10 plus years of experience. And so she made it more attractive and it popped out like the colors popped out. Um For me honestly, I didn't know how to cut my resume to just two pages. My resume was a long list of experience and employers. So thank you Chanel for doing that. Um For me, I got discouraged in the beginning because I applied to so many jobs. Um and just got like they moved on to the next candidate. It was just like that one after the other. And I had to remind myself to trust the process and to know to remind myself my value and my worth. We get so discouraged when we're not selected for a job, not realizing and not reminding ourselves that it's for a reason. If not this then something better. Uh We should get so discouraged just from seeing all the ones that denied us not knowing that there's greater things planned for us. So my resume got remodeled. Um I was getting rejected from employees right and left. Um and then I smoked tested when I had interviews and it wasn't the ones for me. And so you have to value yourself so much to know that when you do the smoke testing, you know which job is the right one for you. That's part of smoke testing. And in the old world I didn't know I just accepted because they're the ones who first reached out to me not knowing that the value that I bring to the table means so much and it's a loss for employee, an employer if they don't realize that about you. And so it was hard because I was so used to the old world in thinking, oh they're the first one who reached out to me, so I should just take it even though I don't like to pay, no, you take on a job because you want it and because it will pay you what you want to get paid um taking it on just because they're the first one to reach out to you and not liking the pay, not liking what they described to you is old world thinking ah we're in the new world, we're much smarter, but I didn't, I didn't know what I didn't know, right? So I had to change my mindset. I had to realize and remind myself my value and the experience that I bring to the table. Yes, you'll get rejected a lot, but you got to remember that you came into this program to find out better things for you that you already have experience with. So remodeling my resume was one but me believing in myself and actually valuing myself to trust my guts, My instinct to take on what I believe is best for me is another thing. So those are two different things, but remodeling the resume helps a lot, but you gotta remind yourself your value and the experience you bring to the table.

How would you describe the Pivoting Works System in three words?

Lemioleen Neth (Jojo): So for me, when I think about pivoting working system, there's three words that come to mind gratitude, trust and progress. Those three words make me think about the pivoting working system, so gratitude, trust and progress.

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