Taylor Hottel for Customer Testimonial Videos

January 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Taylor Hottel

What influenced you to join the Pivot Tech program?

Taylor Hottel: I'd say for me, the biggest factor in wanting to join the pivot tech program was really just wanting to advance my career and take that step that I really had kind of been scared to before. Like, it gave me the opportunity to really mess around, whereas before, I always felt like, you know, I was going to break something, I just, I guess I was kind of nervous, but this really allowed me to explore that kind of software development world.

How has this opportunity in tech changed your professional career?

Taylor Hottel: Yeah, so if it weren't for pivot, I would say I wouldn't have had the opportunities that I've had. Um it's it's a great experience and I'm really happy that it's it's allowed me to have such a great opportunity to come work at shift as an engineer.

Can you share some advice to someone who is thinking about joining this program?

Taylor Hottel: I'd say my biggest piece of advice for someone thinking about joining this program is know that it's not gonna be easy. There are gonna be times that you're gonna fail. Um There's gonna be a lot of struggle. Um It's it's gonna be difficult and, you know, be prepared to really push yourself. That being said, I think the skills are very valuable and um have definitely helped me learn to get where I want to go.

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