Jennifer Szostecki for Customer Testimonial Videos

April 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer Szostecki

What influenced you to join the Pivot Tech program?

Jennifer Szostecki: I decided to join Pivot Tech because I wanted to do something different with my life. I'm trying to manifest the best future possible for myself. And the way that I'm navigating that is by trying to get a better job. Uh Something that I enjoy and have a passion for and pivot tech has allowed me to do that.

Prior to joining Pivot, what was your technical background?

Jennifer Szostecki: I had zero technical background before pivot tech. I cannot tell you when I signed up for pivot tech. I could not have told you the difference between hardware and software.

How has this opportunity in tech changed your professional career?

Jennifer Szostecki: My experience with pivot tech has already completely changed my professional career. My main goal in taking the cybersecurity course was to be able to get a good job. And before the graduation, I had an interview, it was for a basic entry level tech position. Uh there of us interviewing for this position. Um And it was a series of the interview was a series of like three interviews back to back and I nailed it, right? So, and I nailed it because I guess I had a good personality skills which is huge. Um And the tech field being able to talk to people. So that was the first layer, the second layer was all the questions. Um Do you know the difference between hardware and software was one of them actually. And so I was able to answer those questions which totally built my confidence, which is great because the next series of questions were, you know, uh different troubleshooting scenarios that they wanted me to walk through. What is my thinking of walking through these scenarios for an end user? Right? Because it was for a tech support position before pivot tech, I had zero experience before I graduated, I totally nailed this job interview and got the job. Uh and, you know, I'm blessed. I, I feel like pivot tech has helped me to manifest my dreams and I'm grateful for that.

What about the Pivot program stood out the most?

Jennifer Szostecki: For me, what stood out about the pivot program is gonna be the instructors, the teachers and the teachers assistance, both for essentials and um the cybersecurity course that I took. Uh they really helped to meet all of us on our own levels because we all have our own different levels of experience. They made sure that none of us got left behind in the learning curve. Uh They were always very supportive and so I feel like they always went above and beyond and I'm personally very prosecuted for that.

Can you share some advice to someone who is thinking about joining this program?

Jennifer Szostecki: Yeah, my advice for someone thinking about joining this program is really simple. Uh spend this time to commit to yourself. Congratulations for wanting to do something better for yourself. And yeah, definitely commit to yourself. Commit to your own learning and your own education uh dive deeper. And by the end of this course, if this is what you choose to do, uh you definitely will have a higher value professionally. So always commit to yourself and believe that you can do it.

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