Chloe Boggan for Customer Testimonial Videos

April 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chloe Boggan

What influenced you to join the Pivot Tech program?

Chloe Boggan: I decided to join Pivot Tech after my mom sent me one of their ads on Facebook, as I was watching it, I thought to myself, this is a really awesome opportunity to completely change my career path and also challenge myself to do something that I previously thought I wouldn't be able to do.

Prior to joining Pivot, what was your technical background?

Chloe Boggan: Prior to joining pivot technology school, I had absolutely no technical background whatsoever. I honestly believe that the tech industry was not one that was accessible for me. I didn't think that I had the skills. I didn't think that I would be able to learn it, but I realized that it is possible and I'm doing it right now.

How has this opportunity in tech changed your professional career?

Chloe Boggan: This opportunity in tech has changed my professional career for the better. I now have the most concrete goal and the most concrete plans of where I wanna be in the next five years than I ever did. Especially after COVID-19 changed the world. I was completely thrown off my rocker. But now I know what I wanna do and where I wanna be professionally.

What about the Pivot program stood out the most?

Chloe Boggan: The fact that the classes are 100% remote as well as at night is what really appealed to me about the pivot program. I work full time during the day and I don't really have much time during working hours to pursue the skills that I need to develop my career. But this program has really allowed me the space and the flexibility to do that.

Can you share some advice to someone who is thinking about joining this program?

Chloe Boggan: To anyone who's thinking about joining the pivot program. I will share this advice with you. Come ready to learn, come ready to learn. That's all I'll say because this is a journey. It's gonna take time. It's gonna take patience and diligence and resilience because you're not gonna get it straight off the bat and that's ok. But what matters is the practice and the patience and the time that you take to get it right. And it's gonna take learning to do that. So that's what I'll offer.

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