PETER NWITE for Customer Testimonial Videos

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript


Could you describe a time that Helen helped you?

PETER NWITE: So, um some time back in um 2022 I needed help with a particular project. So we did have an idea of building out an app on. Anyway, we are really open to ideas at the time. So we reached out to Helen and we asked her if she was able to, you know, replicate what we had in mind and, you know, give us the best services in helping us to build us an awesome um skeleton for an app on. And then not only was Helen open to our idea, but then she also built on these ideas. And then towards the end of the day, we, we did have something far better than we actually did expect. So, um that was in last year and we've been working with Helen since then until now.

How would you describe Helen in three words?

PETER NWITE: Well, describing Helen in three words would be kind of challenging because um to me, I could describe her in more than three words, she's actually a very, very dedicated person. She's also really knowledgeable on what she's doing as well. And then she's, she's welcoming. She's always welcome to your new ideas. She's always looking for ways to improve as well. So generally working with Helen is more like a blessing than just um a normal work relationship. She's really a blessing to any projects she gets across with.

Why is Helen different from other similar products or services?

PETER NWITE: Now, there should be many other reasons why people should have um different reasons to choose other freelancers. But um I would say that Helen is the kind of person that's no matter what's happening, she's still always there to give you more advice. It's more like um you might have your own ideas, but then she, she, she, she complements everything you do have in mind. So you have an idea that is going to bring you, you know, $100 when you have Helen and your team, you should be expecting, you know, times 10 of that. So we're talking $1000 as well. So she is the billion dollar, you know, assistance you would like to have. And then basically for the abs, you know, compared to what I think I would have gotten from other freelancers, she basically gave me the best. It was, she sent me a couple of samples of um some apps she had worked on in the past and she went ahead to, you know, create something way more than she has been doing before. So she's always impressing and she always looks for rooms to improve more. So compared to other freelancers. I would say she's the best I've ever worked with it.

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