Keziah for Customer Testimonial Videos

September 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keziah

Could you describe a time that Helen helped you?

Keziah: Ellen is a level expert and she really showed it to me that she was an expert. I had some issues with my level website and she was able to optimize my website. It was able to um make some work flows for me. And through that, I've been able to make a lot of sales through my website. She's the go to person for my, for any level um project. And I would really love to still keep working with her because she has really helped me with a lot of progress through my level website.

Keziah: I asked her to optimize and set up some campaigns and she really did it so well that I've been getting a lot of sales from my website recently. After she works on my project, she helped me with some work flows as well. And there have been a lot of progress with my website. I really recommend her because she's actually the perfect level website. Um I level experts I've met recently because I've worked with so many other clients, but none has done as much or has exceeded my expectations as early enough.

How would you describe Helen in three words?

Keziah: Yeah. So in three words, I would describe Ellen as a um person with high quality, she has a very good answer on that project. So I would say she has a very good control and then she's very, very dedicated to every project control. In three words, I would say quality control and dedication.

Keziah: So does quality jobs. She's always paying attention to all the details that came with the project I gave to her. And she was really dedicated to complete this project on time. She gave all her dedication to this project and she was able to exceed my expectations. So in three words, I would say is a, is a woman of quality. She takes control, she pays attention to details, takes control of the project and she's very dedicated.

Why is Helen different from other similar products or services?

Keziah: Well, I would say design skill is top notch. I've worked with so many other high level experts and Ellen's design is quite different. She worked on my project, designed so many campaigns for me and I've been getting a lot of series from just the visual appeals I get from or so many other people, customers get from art designs.

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