Diego Moncada's Pinnacle Ai CRM Review: Efficient, Intuitive, Unique

January 12, 2024

Pinnacle Ai CRM's AI-driven features, including its automated segmentation system, impressed Diego Moncada by streamlining customer management and offering a unique competitive edge.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diego Moncada, Director of Customer Experience

Can you describe a time or how Pinnacle Ai has helped you?

Diego Moncada: My experience with Pinnacle Ai was a game changer, especially when you're having like a lot of customer interaction. Their software makes it super easy to categorize and manage customer queries. They have like a super advanced automated segmentation system that saved me a lot of manual work. So thanks Pinnacle A i

How would you describe Pinnacle Ai in three words?

Diego Moncada: Intuitive, reliable and productive.

What's the best thing about Pinnacle Ai that makes it unique?

Diego Moncada: For me is the automated segmentation system, but that's the best thing about Pinnacle. They have a lot of Ai features that other CRMs just don't have. So I think that's the best thing about them.

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