Exceptional Customer Support: A Testimonial by Brandon Drake

June 23, 2023

Brandon Drake, VP of Business Development at Healthy Data Guy, shares his outstanding experience with Pinnacle's customer support and how it transformed his business operations.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandon Drake

Can you describe a time or how Pinnacle Ai has helped you?

Brandon Drake: So I was actually working with my landing page and getting everything set up for people to subscribe or purchase my membership. And then if in case people weren't happy with my service, they could cancel the membership. So I was trying to figure out that process and how to go about doing that. And Charles and his team are very helpful. They really explain things and support you and explain it in a way that everybody could understand. Charles took the time to actually go on to Zoom with me and show me how to go about doing it and directing me. And it was a great experience. And one of the reasons why I'm transitioning from CRM into pinnacle is because of the customer support, customer support. They really take the time to get to know you and understand your problem and then come up with something that's tailored for you. But at the same time, explain it to you so that you could go off on your own and be independent and be able to streamline your operations and your business. So I definitely recommend Pinnacle purely because of really good customer support and also to all the different bells and whistles that they have to offer within the software. So I appreciate their help and keep up the good work. And thank you. Thank you again.

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