Summer Theatre Camp Stories

August 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Renee Martin

Please introduce yourself and share how Piercing Word Summer Theatre Camp has impacted you.

Hi, my name is Renee Martin. I was on the orange team for Piercing World camp this year. Camp was so much fun. I just had a blast. And I made so many new friends. Getting to be with other teenagers who are going through the same things I'm going through, struggling with the same problems, and have this amazing faith in Jesus was so encouraging to me, especially worshiping with them. That was just really, really special and I loved everything about camp. I learned so much about acting, about improv, about stage combat, about memorization. And I feel like my relationship with Jesus went to a whole new level. I just had so much fun.

Please share how you saw God moving at camp this year.

I feel like my relationship with Jesus got so much deeper. The week of camp, like it just, it went to a whole new level of trust of just adoring Him and loving him. And one specific thing that sticks out to me was Saturday morning before the show, we had our last worship devotional time, and Christie gave the devotional. And afterwards we had time to think and pray, and she played some worship music in the background. And I will just never forget the feeling that I got this like weight that came into the room. It was like the Holy Spirit was there, and He was working, and He was moving, and He was setting people free, and He was breaking bonds, and it was just, it was an amazing time. And people were weeping and praying for each other. And I, yeah, it was just, it was really, really cool. I've never been with a group of teenagers who were so close to God before. It was amazing. And I feel like God did a mighty work in everybody there. Yeah, it was just amazing!

My relationship with Jesus, I feel like went to a whole new level. And also every worship time just felt like stepping into the presence of God and just being able to worship with my whole heart. I felt this freedom to just show Jesus how much I love him and nobody would judge me to lift my hands to get down on my knees to weep. It was just really, really cool and yeah, I just realized how much I love Him and how much of a wonderful God He is. And I feel like that happened in a lot of people's lives, and it was just such a blessing for me. And it was amazing.

Share a favorite moment from camp. (funny, spiritual, exciting, or memorable.)

So I played the God Voice Pillar for the Orange Team. We did the Red Sea, and there's a part where Moses comes down off the mountain to talk to God. And God tells him to raise his staff over the water so that the sea could part. And we were practicing this, and it was kind of getting towards the end of the day. So we were all kind of tired. And Aaron who was playing Moses came down off the mountain and kneels in front of me, and so for some reason, we had to freeze so that our director could talk about something with our counselor and his sister is standing behind me, she pokes me and she's like, it looks like he's proposing to you and it just made me laugh so hard. And then Aaron starts like acting like he's opening a box with a ring in it. Uh It just cracked me up. So then after that, every time he would come down and do that, I would like have to fight the giggles. Um uh It was just like a, a funny inside joke that some of us had. Um that he was coming down to propose.

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