Caleb McClure for Summer Theatre Camp Stories

August 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Caleb McClure

Please introduce yourself and share how Piercing Word Summer Theatre Camp has impacted you.

Caleb McClure: Hello. My name is Caleb McClure. And something that impacted me from Piercing Word was in one of the devotionals we talked about how each of the 10 plagues were directed at one of the Egyptian gods. And that God does everything for a purpose. And recently my great grandma just died, and I thought it wasn't the best timing, but the devotional helped me to remember that God does everything for a purpose and it's all in his plan. No matter what.

Please share how you saw God moving at camp this year.

Caleb McClure: So this year during Piercing Word camp, I noticed how during worship, we weren't just singing it. We were really meaning what we sang, and the words were coming from our heart and not just from our mouth. Like we're meaning what we said.

Share a favorite moment from camp. (funny, spiritual, exciting, or memorable.)

Caleb McClure: So a funny moment this year would be I was on purple team and purple team tied with orange team. And so we really wanted to just make two teams, combine them into one and have a team called Orple, but Caleb wouldn't let us do that. And so we had to rock, paper, scissors for who won and orange won rock, paper, scissors. But we still had a fun time.

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