Karly Edwards for Associate Sales Executive

November 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karly Edwards, Technology Specialist (Sales Associate)

What made you join Arthrex Piedmont+?

Karly Edwards: I joined Arthrex by Piedmont Plus because of the strong connection and role this company has in helping surgeons treat their patients better. This company's reputation for being a leader in new product development and medical education allows for such a positive impact on patients' lives and helps pave the way for personal growth in such a dynamic industry.

What makes Piedmont+ unique?

Karly Edwards: Piedmont Plus is a unique company because of our dedicated teams, our commitment to continuing education and the fact that we act with such a true passion that has helped contribute to a distinct identity in our field. Everyone here at Piedmont Plus truly cares and strives to provide a genuine dedication that sets us apart.

What are the benefits of a team approach?

Karly Edwards: The team approach offers a supportive environment that is built on dedication, collaboration, and an expanded sense of creativity. Teams built around different skill sets and perspectives can help make a huge impact. And all the teams here at Piedmont Plus are all created on an environment of competitiveness yet encouraging and at the end of the day, that can help with support and growth overall.

What does the culture at Piedmont+ mean to you?

Karly Edwards: The culture here at Piedmont Plus is based on values such as teamwork, respect and innovation and being a part of a company that places their employees in such an innovative and creative environment has allowed me to push past comfort zones, be bold and has given me the ability to act with a genuine interest in my field and in my everyday life.

Why would you recommend an associate sales executive position at Piedmont+?

Karly Edwards: I would highly recommend an associate sales position with Piedmont Plus because it is a role that is built off passion and drive to make a difference. This is a starting point for a strong career that has the ability for growth. And Piedmont Plus is a place that surrounds itself with some of the, the most charismatic and hardworking people I've ever met. And it's also a place that is going to help you find confidence in the uncomfortable.

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