Russell Dean for Extremities + Trauma Associate Specialist

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Russell Dean, Agency Distal Extremities Manager

How would you describe your role at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Russell Dean: My name is Russell Dean and I am the category manager for distal extremities. This includes all of our soft tissue and fracture fusion products for the hand and wrist and the foot and ankle. As a category manager, It's my role to work with leadership and the three teams to ensure that we execute on all the sales goals within the distal extremities category.

Pepe Diaz-Llaneza: As the trauma category manager, I feel like you can whittle down this position to two basic rules, first and foremost, and most importantly, working with your consultants, getting them up to speed on everything trauma related, uh comfortable in the O R with whatever procedure, whether it's nailing or plating. And beyond that, working with the surgeons themselves, actually to better ascertain what they're looking for and, and, and help them understand how our products are different and essentially better and I relish both frankly.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Russell Dean: Uh my favorite part about this role is just that uh each day is different. You know, one day I might be meeting with leadership going over long term sales goals, uh discussing certain things to that aspect. Another day, I might be helping with the sales training uh with some new hires. And then, uh I also still spend quite a bit of time in the operating room covering cases which I still love, you know, every day is challenging. Um you know, Arthrex is continuously innovating, uh coming up with new products and procedures. And then that's my role to disseminate that information to the team. So, uh like I said, every day is a challenge. I love that. Uh I get to interact with so many different people. Uh not only within Arthrex Piedmont plus, but also with our customers.

Pepe Diaz-Llaneza: I've been in orthopedics medical device for 13 years and worked for other big players in the field. And when I came on two years ago and, and it really dawned on me what a different experience. Arthrex and the agencies are. I was absolutely blown away and it's hard for me to put into words, but I, I relish the opportunity to tell people about how different and good it is.

What stands out to you about the culture at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Pepe Diaz-Llaneza: When speaking of this agency explicitly, I can't help but smile and think of Danny and Katie and all my colleagues because I, I think he manages things with this agency like he does with this family because he's a family man, family guy uh which and I can empathize as I am too. But uh there's a particular level of, of, of care and, and intimacy with this, with this group and this agency and um it's um gives you some peace of mind and which I really appreciate.

Russell Dean: What stands out to me about the culture of Arthrex Piedmont plus is uh the team aspect and then just family. Um you know, that we have a large group of individuals that uh know that to be successful on an individual basis, the team has to be successful. So when you look at it from that uh point of view, you know, our success uh is limitless. And uh and then the second portion is just the family aspect, you know, Danny, our agency owner, uh and the other leadership team, you know, really stresses always including spouses and significant others and all the work events and work outings, you know, me personally, some of the team members with Arthrex Piedmont Plus were in my wedding, you know, our wives are really close, our kids are close. So, uh that's what stands out to me. It's just a very enjoyable place to work uh highly competitive. Uh And like I said, it's all about the team uh and uh all about family.

How would you describe the difference between a job and a career at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Russell Dean: Starting to work with Arthrex Piedmont Plus, you know, it's not a job, this is a career and I am a prime example of that. I started 7.5 years ago with no experience in the medical device industry. And I started as a sales associate. Uh shortly after that, I was uh promoted to the extremities team lead. And then after that, I was the regional manager for distal extremities. And now currently in the category manager for distal extremities for the entire agency, you know, with hard work dedication uh and a willingness to fail and just listening to those tenured people before you in the leadership team, you know, the opportunities with this company truly are limitless. Uh Not too long ago, Danny, our agency owner told us we should always be looking for our own replacement, you know, as we continue to grow with the company. And he really means that.

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