Michael Dimock for Arthroplasty Associate Specialist Position

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Dimock, Arthroplasty Manager

How did you end up in your current role at Arthrex Piedmont +?

Michael Dimock: I actually started out as uh the Arthroplasty associate role um within Arthrex. It's at, at the time it was the first, uh a new program that we kind of started and trying to figure things out. And, um, we, we saw the category when projected where we had to get and, uh, there was certainly a need for it. Um, and, uh I worked my way up and it, it's, it, it's pretty nostalgic to be able to see, um how far this category has come. We've continued to grow and we will continue to grow uh with, with, with, with where we're going within the company.

Share a few details about the importance of this role to the team and to Arthrex Piedmont +?

Michael Dimock: This position is vital uh in order for our business to grow. Um Artroplasty is a very logistical um uh category in the sense that there's a lot of trays, a lot of implants, uh a lot of moving parts, a lot of different facilities where we're at. Um And it's important because it helps offload the team immediately. You can, you can create an impact and, and, and certainly help out, help out your teammates um around and, and we've seen this category grow and then there's, there's certainly a need for it.

What stands out to you about the culture at Arthrex Piedmont +?

Michael Dimock: The culture we have at Arthrex is phenomenal. Um I, I came from a uh a sports based background where I had a lot of teams and, and, and that's something we have here. Um We have mentors here, we have peers having going through the same struggles you're going through. Um So it creates a extremely competitive environment, but it, it's also fun because um you're always going at it and it's, it's, it's one common goal. It's the team that you're looking forward to see.

What else would you like to share to a new hire interested in a career at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Michael Dimock: There's one thing I would share, uh, would be to hang out, um, the, uh, when I started this. So it, it's just, it's certainly skyrocketed. Um, I've, I've seen the growth we've had, I've, I've, uh, I been through a lot of changes and, and, and we're continuing to, uh, grow and grow and it, it, it certainly fun to, to be a part of, and, and it's exciting to see, um, how much we're disrupting this space with, with a lot of our innovation and, and it's just certainly fun to be a part of.

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