Jimmy Reyes for Team Based Sales Executive

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jimmy Reyes, Technology Consultant

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Arthrex Piedmont +?

Jimmy Reyes: So the favorite part of my role here uh with Arthrex Piedmont Plus is that, you know, we get to work as a team. And uh you know, I understand that not every environment is like that and just to have a, a group of individuals that are totally focused on, on one mission and headed all in the same direction, just there, there's nothing like it, there's nothing like the magic of everyone working together to achieve a goal.

How would you describe the importance of a Team Based Sales Executive role at Arthrex Piedmont +?

Jimmy Reyes: So the importance of, of a team based sales executive role with Arthrex Piedmont Plus is that, you know, when you, when you first come in, you, you're not totally relying on yourself. You, you're able to, to, to call upon people for and use every resource that you have. And, and this allows you to come on quicker. It allows you to, to, you know, really learn from people that have a ton of experience and it allows you to grow much faster than you would if you were out, out on your own by yourself. And so the, the importance of, of it being team based uh allows you to take part in other people's success and um allows you to, to kind of get your feet wet a little bit earlier on than you would, you know, with some guidance along the way.

What stands out to you about the culture at Arthrex Piedmont +?

Jimmy Reyes: The culture at Arthrex Piedmont Plus that there's, there's nothing like it. And uh what it just comes down to is is there are just a bunch of individuals, you know, led by Danny, who's at the forefront of all of this, who is just willing and able to do whatever it takes to get the job done. You know, whether it's, you know, create an environment that, that surgeons want to be in a, give them full access to a lab, uh you know, investing in, in the employees and, and understanding that, you know, we, we want training, we want, we want to learn and, and we want to get better. And I, I, I think there's just, there's nothing like a culture where everyone is just driven to be the best that they can be.

What is the most rewarding aspect within your career at Arthrex Piedmont+?

Jimmy Reyes: The most rewarding aspect of my career with Arthrex Piedmont Plus is just the relationships that you build with surgeons and the the the trust that's built and, and it, and it starts with, with competency, right? And uh you know, if you're able to bring them value in the operating room, there, there's nothing like it, there's nothing more rewarding than, than knowing that, you know, you help that surgeon treat their patient better.

Any advice you would give to potential hires for Arthrex Piedmont+?

Jimmy Reyes: Some potential advice I would give to new hires for Arthrex Piedmont Plus is, you know, you're gonna have a, a team that is fully invested in you in your success and wanting you to learn everything and come on board as quickly as possible and, and continue that education throughout your time here. You know, the education never stops. And so I would just, I would just say to, you know, use all the resources that are available to you and, and really dive in and, and learn as much as you can so that you can become an asset and become very valuable in the operating room for your surgeons.

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