Lynden Partch Student Story

September 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lynden Partch

Please tell us a little about yourself (say your name, your major, and your career goals).

Lynden Partch: My name is Lyndon, and I'm majoring in marketing with a concentration in social media. My career goals are to be a social media manager one day and just to continue to build my own personal platforms and possibly start business or have a clothing line in the future.

How does Phoenix College help you achieve your personal and professional (career) goals?

Lynden Partch: phoenix college helps me achieve my personal and professional career goals by providing me with quality education and all the resources that I need in order to succeed.

Why do you like most about Phoenix College?

Lynden Partch: First off I really love the campus itself, it's just so beautiful and I loved architecture and everything about it. Um And then I just really like how everyone is very welcoming and there to help you if you need help and there's just so many great resources.

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