Furniture Fair Testimonial for Phelps Digital

August 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: craig daniels

What do you love about working with Phelps Digital?

craig daniels: Hi, my name is Craig Daniels. I'm the marketing director here at Furniture Fair based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. We've been with Phelps Digital for a couple of years now. Um David and the rest of the team there are fantastic. Uh They truly from day one have proven their uh value and return on investment. So uh hats off to the operation they're running there. Uh We've had the privilege of working with Taylor Walker uh for over a year now and she's been a godsend to our department and, and our company, um whether it be our P PC ads, our digital ads, um stuff we're doing on the website or just marketing in general. She's always there to bounce ideas off of or talk something through. Um especially with someone like us who we don't have a robust marketing department. So she truly is an extension of what we're trying to do here, um A furniture fair. So I I highly encourage you to uh listen to what Phelps Digital has to say and how they can help your business because they have helped ours tenfold and we are very thankful for their partnership

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