Amber Hunt for Client Success Stories

July 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amber Hunt

Where were you, both physically & mentally, in your health & fitness journey BEFORE joining Phases of Fit?

Amber Hunt: When I joined phase as a fit, I was 41 years old. I was probably about a year or so into a prediabetic diagnosis. I had tried two different personal trainers. I had tried connecting with others about nutrition programs. I found them through tiktok and a video they made about how to balance what you eat.

Where are you at NOW? What are your biggest accomplishments, both mentally & physically, since joining our program?

Amber Hunt: Who my biggest accomplishments from having phases of fit I food was my enemy. I did not like eating. I did not like dealing with eating. I dreamt of just having a magical pill to where I would never have to eat again. And now it is my compatriot in fueling my body. It has changed everything. We've changed my mentality uh completely about my real with food and my relationship with food and it is glorious. Now, I am better than I have had. I mean, probably in 20 years. Um I am no longer prediabetic. I am off the meds. They had put me on, I am physically able to do more uh than I've been able to do in probably 10 years. Uh lunges and things I joined a burlesque company and I dance now and I'm just excited to keep going forward with it. I'm still much the same body, um same person, but with real results that I can look at um gain. Um but I have real results. I have real results now that show me the time I've spent and then I'm going to keep spending to get better and better and I look forward to 50. I look forward to building upon the workouts. I've had, they gave me workouts that worked for where I was at and every time they changed it, I'd have something that I'd be like, I can't do that. But everything they gave me built up to a moment. Yeah, that I can do that. I could do a lot. And the sense of confidence I have now the sense of knowing what I'm doing and how I've changed. Passing that on to my daughter. There is no joke that my life has been changed by faces of fit, mentally, physically, emotionally. And it's fantastic.

What advice do you have for anyone on the fence about joining Phases of Fit?

Amber Hunt: My one piece of advice for anyone that's going to join phases of Fitch, be ready to put in some real work. This is not like other places that give you here's a menu. This is exactly what you need to eat at exactly this time. Get ready to really delve into yourself and you're going to make changes that are gonna be able to stick with you for a lifetime. That's the advice I give. If you are ready to move forward and see yourself a year from now in a completely a way that was going to help you thrive for the rest of your life. Get ready for it. If you've been looking, this is it. They work with everything you are and everything that comes your way. They changed up. When I tore the meniscus in my knee, they changed up and helped me celebrate little victories when I couldn't even get out of the bed because of depression. This is real program for real life.

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