MHFA Instructor Intro

October 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Hi. My name is Athena. I am looking forward to our session this week. It is such an amazing thing that you have done taking time out to invest in yourself. It is something that I know. You will not be disappointed. So come, expectant. Ready to have some fun while learning. And I'm looking forward in taking the session with you. Have an amazing afternoon and I'll see you tomorrow.

How long have you been a Mental Health First Aid Instructor for and what inspired you to become one?

It is such a privilege to be able to say I am being part of the solution. That is what drives me in terms of going further. Every step I've taken that enabled me to be trained, the opportunity came up, which was a blessing. I'm telling you its desire to keep being part of the solution. And over five years now, that has been an amazing journey, which I do not regret. Making a difference being part of a solution and just giving what I have and being able to equip those around me to keep doing the same and supporting your local communities. And I'm so excited that you are doing the same, so I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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