Lateefah's Youth MHFA Testimonial

November 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lateefah, Freelance Creative

Introduce yourself, job role, organisation and name of the course you attended.

Lateefah: Hi, My name's Latifah. I'm a DJ Radio Host, Freelance Creative and a Trustee member for Lucian Music, and I took part in the Two Day Youth Mental Health First Aid training course last year.

What was one of the most impactful takeaways?

Lateefah: Though I do feel like there was a lot of things that you know, I was able to take away from the two day course. Um, I do feel like it basically just helps me building my confidence when it came to identifying certain mental health issues and being able to have the right tools, the right even language to use when trying to help people and empower those who are struggling.

What made this course different from others you’ve attended in the past?

Lateefah: Um, but what I would say really stood out for me was just how engaging it was. Um, I love the perspective and the insight that our Instructor Amanda gave. Um, and I really enjoyed just how we were able. It was a safe space. You know, um, and we were really able to learn, but also take or have discussions within ourselves and share our own experiences and feel safe enough to do that. Um, and yeah, it was very, very informative.

If you could use ONE word to describe your learning experience with Pharus Training, what would it be and why?

Lateefah: One word that comes to mind for me is probably empower. Um, not only does Pharus Training represent, you know, a Beacon of Hope, but since attending the Mental Health First Aid training, I definitely feel empowered to be able to make a difference and make a change and make an impact and have the tools and knowledge to be able to do so. And I do feel as though, um I can also empower others through the work that I do since having this training and since having this knowledge and the tools, so I definitely feel like empower would be the appropriate word to use.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Lateefah: Despite me not working directly with children, um you know, I have a lot of. I come from a family of a lot of children being once a child myself and as a Trustee Board Member, the decisions that I make, campaigns that I work on, and programmes that we run directly affect and directly impact children. And through this training, I feel like it's definitely given me the tools, the knowledge and the insight to be able to make better and more informed decisions and take in children's mental health into consideration when you know, providing certain things, and I do believe that this is this knowledge that I have from the course is something that can benefit any and every everyone you know whether or not you work directly with children or not. You know you're going to come across children within your lives, whether or not you have your own children, whether or not having your own children, you know, or just out and about within society. And I believe that you know, there is something that any and everyone can gain from taking on this course. So it's definitely something I'd highly recommend. I definitely recommend taking mental health training, whether it's for Adults or Youth with Pharus Training. And yeah, not only does it benefit you, but it also enables you to be able to benefit and empower others, especially when it comes to mental health, because it's something that we all deal with. Um, so yeah, I highly recommend it

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