Youth MHFAider Testimonial

October 25, 2023

Youth Mental Health First Aid Video Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fran

Introduce yourself, job role and organisation and name of the course you attended.

Hi, I'm Fran. I'm a mental health support worker in a secondary school in the West Midlands. And I have just completed the Children's, um, Mental Health First Aid course. It was really, really enjoyable. It was two days and there was only four delegates in the training, which made it really quite personal. We had lots of opportunities to have discussions going to breakout rooms and ask lots of questions to our, um, to our trainer, who was clearly very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. I would definitely recommend doing the course if you're working with young people. Um, as I say, I work in a secondary school and my role is mental health support. But even as teachers, um, anybody working with young people, it will definitely give you a bit more insight about any mental health conditions and how you might go about supporting them. There's definitely gonna be lots of things that I'm gonna implement into my own practise, including lots of coping strategies and just a general understanding of what's going on for our young people and what might be affecting them. Um, there's sections around, um, the brain and how that's affected young people and how that can add to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, things like that. Which was really interesting. Something I didn't know before. Um, but in terms of having an understanding of different types of mental health disorders has definitely given me some insight. So, as I say, I would definitely recommend the course. And I would love to go on to do the, uh, the course to to be able to deliver that course going forward. So a big thank you to Pharus for the training and a big thank you to Athina for as my, um, leader on the course. As I say, I really hope you take the course as it's really been valuable to me, Thanks.

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