Nick Bjornberg Testimonial

July 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Bjornberg

Introduce yourself, tell us why you chose Pergola Kits USA, and describe your experience with the product.

Nick Bjornberg: Hi, my name is Nick. I'm from Minnesota and my wife and I were looking at putting up a pergola onto our patio that would be attached to our home. Did a search of a lot of different pergola companies that were out there. I saw a lot that I didn't like, a lot of what appear to be poor quality, or just cheaper options that weren't what we were looking for, for our home. We wanted a really quality, low maintenance option, also with a canopy, a shade canopy. So I came across Pergola Kits USA and really liked what I saw on their website as far as designs and features. I really liked the fact that they could have a factory integrated canopy so you didn't have to worry about trying to fit that into a canopy after the fact, it was designed as part of the pergola. So after kind of deciding that Pergola Kits USA looked like the best option for us, I contacted them and immediately was impressed with the customer service and was explained the process of how they go about working with someone like me to design a custom pergola for our application, and so I would collect measurements, get them to them, explained what I wanted as best I could and then they took it from there and came up with a design and would feed that back to me and it was a lot of back and forth of they'd give me a design and I'd go back and re-measure and then we would make changes, come back with another design, back and forth. We went through many revisions to get it just what I wanted. I was very particular about how I wanted it to look, and how I wanted it to fit, and so there was never delay on their end getting back to me as far as design. We finally came to a design that we were happy with, and we proceeded to move forward and signed off on the agreement, and there was a promised delivery date and the pergola showed up within that delivery window. So I was really happy with that. And once we opened the box, that I couldn't be more happy with the quality of the product that we received. It was excellent quality. It was received in great condition and just a lot of attention to detail as far as how everything fits together, the quality of the materials, the quality of the fasteners, just a, just a high quality, very good looking pergola and we were very happy with the fit on the house. We had it custom painted to match our siding and the color was perfect, and so happy with the pergola, also very happy with the canopy fit. The canopy fit really added a dimension to the pergola to get that shade, but also just to give it a really custom, neat look. So we just had a great experience with Pergola Kits, customer service was great, never a delay in communication, and attention to detail and quality of product is worth the price of the product. So we couldn't be more happy with what we've got installed on our home.

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