Jerad Wells Testimonial

July 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jerad Wells, Husband and Father

Introduce yourself, tell us why you chose Pergola Kits USA, and describe your experience with the product.

Jerad Wells: Hello, my name is Jared Wells here in beautiful Englewood, Colorado, and we chose Pergola Kits USA to be the centerpiece of our new backyard remodel. Remodel turned out great! We wanted a space that the entire family could be kinda outdoors on and off year around here in Colorado as we can do. We were looking for a centerpiece to this backyard renovation, and that's when we found Pergola Kits USA. Let's go have a look at what we call the "Pineapple Pavilion". Started construction of the entire project back in January. Worked with Pergola Kits USA after seeing their Red Cedar Pavilion and really impressed just by the architecture, simplicity of design, great installation drawings, foundation packages. foundation packages. Customer service was fantastic; a lot of wealth of information provided even before the purchase. Pavilion turned out great; Pavilion turned out great; great color choices great roofing color choices, great roofing color choices, ready-made with electric packages so that we're able to do the running lights as you see here. We're able to do a television, fan, commercial heater back in the corner. This really gives our family an opportunity to live out here almost year round. Gets a little chilly; obviously we can dip over to the fire pit, obviously we can dip over to the fire pit, but the absolute centerpiece and gem of the entire backyard renovation is this red cedar pavilion by Pergola Kits USA. is this red cedar pavilion by Pergola Kits USA. The one thing that we did add The one thing that we did add were rain gutters. We thought that would be really great, since we have a very large patio area, to have a little bit of coverage there. And we thought, what better way to add gutters than to add a little rain chain detail just for a really great aesthetic and really great functionality overall. So all in all very impressed with Pergola Kits USA, the customer service, the quality of the product, the ease of installation, and who wouldn't want to be out here right now. want to be out here right now. We did install some custom drop shade sunshades for when we need that. Very easy to do. And again, a great place to sit out here and watch a little Bob Ross with the family. Take care from Colorado. Thank you Pergola Kits USA. Thank you Pergola Kits USA.

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