Liz McCarthy's reflections on working with Pepped

August 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Liz McCarthy, Chief Marketing Officer, Romilly Wilde

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Pepped?

Liz McCarthy: Hi, I'm Liz McCarthy. I'm a brand and marketing consultant and I've worked with Pepped Up now across I think about four brands. And my biggest challenge before biggest challenge. Prior to working with Pepped Up is really how do I take these brands with a very clear marketing strategy, very clear direction. And how do we develop that strategy into email marketing campaigns that both drive revenue, but also build the brand and really give some very engaging and exciting content that we can take forwards.

What results have you seen since working with Pepped?

Liz McCarthy: So what results have I seen since working with Pepped Up? Well, just before I go into the results, I wanted to talk a little bit about the process because I was so impressed with how they have worked so collaboratively with the marketing teams. They found experts in the field and really brought them in to be part of our team as well. So they've got into our strategy, they have understood our creative direction, our brand aesthetic as well, really understanding what we're trying to do in the specific sector of email marketing. They look at the bigger picture with us first and then specifically how email marketing can help support that. So in terms of results, they've been phenomenal. So across the four or five brands I've worked with Pepped up on, we have been presented with a very clear strategy, clear implementation and these have been put in in place on time on budget and we're already seeing starting to see some amazing results on one brand. We've actually seen revenue quadruple within the last two months. So exciting times.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about whether to work with Pepped?

Liz McCarthy: If someone was sitting on the fence about working with Pepped up, what I say to them, I would say, do it. I've worked with them across numerous brands now. They have been fantastic to work with a great partnership. They offer strategy, they offer training and they offer great implementation. I've loved working with them and I think I'll just keep working with them forever now.

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