Client Testimonial from Annie Pill, Director of Brand at Marker Learning

November 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Annie Pill, Director of Brand, Marker Learning

What was your biggest challenge prior to working with Pepped?

Annie Pill: Prior to working with Pepped, we had an abundance of amazing leads, but no clear, beautiful journey to educate them about our services and how it was relevant to each different customer profile.

What results have you seen since working with Pepped?

Annie Pill: Since working with Pepped, we have launched new email journeys through Klaviyo. We have beautifully designed templates and blocks that can be exchanged depending on what the email format is and where the user is in their journey with us. This was a path that just didn't exist before, so it's really nice to have that automation send out and to know that users are now seeing our brand pretty immediately after completing the beginning process of our intake flow.

What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about whether to work with Pepped?

Annie Pill: The thing I love most about working with Pepped is really how warm the team is. They're so personable and are just lovely to problem solve with, to brainstorm new ideas of maximizing our impact, to gently suggest changes to our current system, bringing up that that energy and pro activity in a way that is just so welcoming. They really do feel like an extension of our team, and we're really grateful to have their support.

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