Jim Lister for PP Conference - RD Why

September 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jim Lister, RD YNE, People Puzzles

Why do you attend PP conferences?

Jim Lister: Well, I attend People, Puzzles conferences because they're just a great opportunity to get together, share ideas, meet people face to face across the regions. And I think it's the only opportunity to really do that. So it's great fun. We've had great speakers in the past, and I think some of those are truly inspirational. So, apart from the meal in the evening and dare I say it a few drinks along the way, then it always is a great couple of days spent and I think really valuable for the rest of the year, quite honestly.

In your opinion, how do team members benefit from attending the PP conference?

Jim Lister: I think for people directors in my team and again across the regions, when there's a chance to come together and meet the wider People Puzzles People Director team. I think there's just that that whole familiarisation with people who you've maybe heard of or spoken to online but never actually met in person. So there's a great kind of bonding I think that happens, in that exercise, but also real learning, quite honestly, because we're still through that, you know, going through that process, aren't we of continually trying to update and renew our offer for our clients. So where better to do that than at a conference. And for me, that all comes together in those two days, and it has got a real lasting impact I think across the team when we talk about, you know, what happened at the conference etc. So time well invested, I think, by all People Directors.

What's your message to anyone who hasn't purchased their ticket yet?

Jim Lister: So for any members of the team, the wider People Director population of People Puzzles, then my suggestion would be if you haven't already, please go ahead, reserve your ticket. If it's your first time at conference, you know, take a punt and just enjoy the process. And for others who are more experienced, then you know the backdrop to all of this, real value, I think, in terms of return. So go ahead and book and I look forward to seeing everybody in November at the conference.

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