People Puzzles Conference 2023

August 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alex Kinchin-Smith

People Puzzles November conference - Latest Update

Hi everyone. I hope you're having a really good summer. I just wanted to share a few words about what's coming up in our conference in November, because I'm really excited about the programme and we've built that based on your feedback. And what you've told us is, you really like external speakers and you really want things to be forward looking. So, the theme of the conference is future of work. And I'm delighted to say we've got two great speakers joining us. The first is Dominic Holmes, and Dominic is a speaker on this area, and he's also been part of shaping the government's future industrial strategy around the future of work. And Dominic's going be talking to us about AI and its role in our clients in their business strategy and the impact on things like organisational design and job roles. so I think it's going to be a fantastic stimulus to have Dominic with us. And the second speaker is Megan Marie Butler, and she's going to focus more specifically on her area of expertise, which is AI in HR and in technology and particularly in recruitment. So I think it'll be fascinating to deep dive into that area with Megan as well. And of course, the conference is two days, so that will be the sort of shape of day one looking at those areas. And on day two, we'll have three workshops - again looking at the future of work. And we're looking at those topics being around modern leadership, around neurodiversity in the workplace and hybrid working - including the four day week. And we hope you'll be able to take away real practical toolkits and things that you can do with your clients from those sessions on day two. And, of course, there'll be plenty of time to share best practise more informally to spend quality time together, and get to know people even deeper on your teams and in the wider team. as that's also feedback you've given us. All of that in the beautiful surroundings of The Belfry Hotel and Resort in Warwickshire. So I hope that's enough to whet your appetite and to book onto the conference, and I really look forward to seeing you there.

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